The Road to the Arnold! Ryan "BenchMonster" Kennelly's premier training video! Tighten up your belt, bust an ammonia cap up your nose and hang on because your grasp on iron sanity is about to get ripped outta your freakin' skull! Watch the King of the Monster Benchers blow up 900+ pound board breakers, dominate the competition with 800+ pound platform lifts and jackhammer reps with 400-600 pounds like it was bitch weight! The heavy metal madness will blow up your living room as the Bench Monster and his den of Benching Berserkers wreak havoc in the gyms they march through. This movie will have you screaming like a madman as you tear down the road to your gym to hit the bench before you go insane with iron inspiration!

  Ryan "BenchMonster" Kennelly was the first lifter to officially bench press 800 pounds and he has pressed 700+ pounds over 30 times in competition. Leading up to the 2005 World Championships, Kennelly had medaled at 3 consecutive Arnold Classics. This 90-minute documentary follows Kennelly's quest to become the first Bench Presser in history to repeat gold at the Arnold Schwarzenegger's prestigious strength summit.

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