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Sunday or Monday - grip specialization day.

  • Pinch Gripping - 3 set of holds for 30 seconds
  • Gripper - 3 sets of 20,10,5 reps
  • Plate Curls - 3 sets of 10,6,4 reps

Tuesday or Wednesday - heavier grip day.

  • 1 deadlift lockout in rack then hold till failure - 3 sets of 30,20,10 seconds
  • Plier Holding - 3 set of holds for 30 seconds
  • Farmers Walk - 3 times as far as possible

Friday or Saturday - normal hard gainer workout.

  • Trap Bar Deadlifts
  • Overhead Presses or Bench Presses
  • Chins
  • Shrugs
  • Normal or Reverse Barbell Curls
  • Breating Squats + Light Pullovers to stretch cage

NOTES - The grip exercises are all just examples, there are lots to chose from. To get ideas for these, email me  or get John Brookfield's book "Mastery of Hand Strength" from Ironmind or Ironman. Each grip day has an exercise for each of the 3 types of grip strength, crushing, supporting and pinching.

Plate Curls Explained: According to grip expert John Brookfield this is the absolute best exercise for the wrists. What you do is pinch grip one plate and just curl it up (remember to keep your wrists tight, don't let them sag back) If you can curl a 25lb plate in this fashion you have pretty strong wrists.

Plier Holding Explained: This is a great exercise for your crushing strength. What you do is get a regular pair of pliers. Get a normal bucket with a handle across the top and grip it with the pliers and hold it as long as possible. You of course put the weight or sand or bricks into the bucket for weight.

  As far as the regular lifting day goes. For all exercises try to use a thick bar if available, this will only add to your grip and forearms, besides, what's better than massive forearms? Nothing. For chins I use a the back of my power rack for a thick bar. I have found that alternating a pressing movement every week works great for strength increases. You can do both of course. For shrugs, deadlifts and squats try using a higher rep range, high reps on squats and deadlifts are such killers, it is also safer. As far as set/rep schemes go. There are many great choices that will keep you gaining pretty steady. Right now I am doing just one set to failure. But you can also do 5x5, progressively heavier singles, 2x8, lots of choices. If I were to do 5x5 or singles I would cut some of the exercises out though.

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