The Fusion Bench Routine
By Curtis Dennis Jr.
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  The Fusion Bench Routine
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  Summer is almost over and for a lot of you here at it either means that it time for football or time for building that mass to get ready for next season. Well, automatically you think about getting stronger right? And when you think about getting stronger, you think about getting a bigger bench right?

  Well, lets just say for the sake of this article, that I'm right. Well, I'm here to talk about my new bench program that I'm going to go over. It's going to be around October before I release it at my website.

  There's a lot that goes into a bench program. There are a few point that are going to be involved in the Fusion Bench Program.

  • Utilizing Fusion Training by changing up the workout every week.
  • Increase Protein intake and Utilize Creatine.
  • Maximize Explosive Strength.
  • Utilize periodization.
  • Maximize Intensity and Minimize Time.
  • And...focus on Training Technique on the bench.

  Now I'm not going to give out everything about this program here and now (hey, I have to make a living too!!), but I'm going to give you a look at the program as a whole and what's it going to involve.

First Off the training will be four-days-a-week according to Fusion Protocol and benching will be done twice a week, one on Monday and the other on Friday. Now what's different about this is that the workouts itself will be cycled. Three different workout, one heavy day, one moderate day, and one light day will be cycle between the two days. This will give your bench a reason to increase because your triceps, shoulders, and chest will have no chance of adapting to a workout as it is being changed up.

  This goes back to being what fusion training is all about constant change. Having a heavy day will get your body used to heavy weight in the gym and not in competition. Having a moderate day will give you a break from the heavy work and the light day will be merely for endurance. Periodization will be used as well because the bench program will be 6 weeks in length. Second will be to maximize explosive strength.

  This means on any pressing movement, you will be using explosive speed because once your shoulders and triceps get used to exploding, they will play their part on the bench press when the time comes. I believe in the last few weeks of my training (look to my training journal for more) when I focused on explosive strength on my shoulders and triceps, benching became much more easier and I was able to handle more weight.

  Bodybuilding movements will still be used in the bench program but to cycle out the exercises. This is the third part of this program is that you'll be changing up the workout week in and week out. Remember, Fusion Protocol is that you can change the exercises according two ways:

  • Change the exercise and keep either the technique or sets/reps the same.
  • Change the technique or sets/reps and keep the exercise the same.

  So with those in mind, your pretty much going to have two sets of workouts not counting the bench workouts. Also, squats and dead lifts will be included in the list of exercises. The list of exercises are:

  • Squats
  • Rack Dead lifts and Dead lifts
  • Barbell and DB Shoulder Press
  • Rack Shoulder Press
  • Arnold Presses and Plate Raises
  • Rack Bench Press and Mid-Rack Bench Press
  • Close-Grip Bench press and Rack Close-Grip Bench Press
  • DB and Incline DB Bench Press
  • Cable Crossovers
  • Pull downs and Behind-the-neck Pull downs
  • DB and Barbell Shrugs
  • Cable Rows and Rope Rows
  • DB and Barbell Curls
  • Hammer Curls and Barbell Wrist Curls from Behind
  • Machine Curls and Cable Curls
  • Pushdowns
  • Preacher Curls
  • Leg Press and Leg Extensions
  • Leg Curls and Calf Raises
  • And of course....abs!!!

  Also the idea here is to train everything else like you train your bench press. The means that if your working your ass off on bench day, then you better work your ass off on an other day. Squats, Rack Dead lifts and Dead lifts will be done in high reps because they alone will generate more endurance than you would if were to do low reps and heavy weight.

  Also, I'll be implementing fusion training techniques that will allow for Maximum Intensity at Minimum Time range. Which in turn means shorter workouts, but your going to give everything you got in those short workouts.

Benching Techniques Also focusing on benching technique will be crucial on those light workouts where you will be using lighter weights, but to hone benching technique. I found that this helped out as well. Caused me to get my technique that much tighter. I believe that this will help out with anyone as well. Also, supplementation and nutrition will be based up protein...protein...and more protein. Carbs and Creatine will play a part as well, but they will greatly help you in your 6 week journey to a bigger bench press.

  I believe that I have the best training system for high-intensity lifters. I believe that my system brings bodybuilding and power lifting together to what some may believe to be an impossible workout. And now I'm taking Fusion training to another level by putting together a bench program that will produce results. I hope to put it together and try it myself for a meet later this year so people know how it works and know it works. Well, like I said it will be late September before Fusion Bench comes stay tuned folks!!! Until next time iron freaks....stay big

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