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  Growth Factor 1    

   All reps on all exercises will be performed in the 3-5 rep range. When you can perform more than 5 reps it is time to increase the weight. Rep speed is 10 seconds positive and 5 seconds negative.

  On all pushing movements stop just short of locking out and begin the negative motion with a smooth turnaround. It is ok to pause in the contracted position on pulling movements for a second or two. When you reach positive failure on all movements keep trying to move the resistance for 10 to 15 more seconds.

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Rest from 4 to 10 days in between workouts. (Check out the article called The Dose-Response Relationship to Exercise by M. Doug McGuff, MD on Mentzer site

Workout 1
squats, dips, pull downs or chins, shrugs.

Rest 4-10 days

Workout 2
squats, dips, pull downs or chins, shrugs

Rest 4-10 days

Workout 3
deadlifts, overhead press or incline press, one arm db rows, curls optional.

(Ab work is also optional on workout days)

Repeat the cycle.

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